Want The Best Landscaping Services In The Alvin Texas Area?

Whether it is a landscape remodel or a brand new yard we have the experience to make your landscape the best in your neighborhood.

Why Do We Love Landscaping!

  1. We love keeping up with the latest science behind making a landscape beautiful!
    Landscaping is more than just mowing grass or removing weeds. As professional landscapers we take pride in knowing the ins and outs of residential and commercial yard maintenance. We take pride in knowing the soil quality, soil pH and many other factors that are needed for a perfect landscape.
    As professionals we also know which plants are best for your particular local climate. Think about it. If you live in Houston, you know we can get a ton of rain and hot temperatures. This type of environment combined with your yard’s soil composition can prevent some plants from growing properly. By hiring Horticare, you are able to get a personal analyzation of what your yard needs to make it look great all year round.
  2. We love to get creative with your landscape!
    There are a lot of creative aspects that go into landscaping. To create the ideal living space, it is important to combine the science and the art of landscaping. By hiring our landscaping experts, you get just that. Our experts will think about the colors that work best with your home’s exterior. They will also be able to take an idea you dreamed up or saw in a magazine and make it come to life in your yard.
  3. Our landscapers love saving you time and money!
    Since our experts have experience under their belts, they can avoid landscape mishaps that you might run into if you tried to tackle the job yourself. Trust us we get tons of calls after people make some serious mistakes. We understand the characteristics that are needed to allow your yard and plants to flourish. This allows you to get the right products the first time around which saves costly mistakes from happening. Our knowledgeable team can get your landscape looking perfect much faster than you can do it yourself saving you time.
  4. We love giving the best landscaping service in the area!
    We love to help with all aspects of a residential or commercial landscape. We want everything to be perfect and just the way you like it. Whether you need landscape design, lawn maintenance, trimming, mulching, fertilization, plant and flower planting, irrigation, or outdoor lighting we can put the right plan together to both meet you budget and make you landscape perfectly beautiful.